Swiss Screw Machining

Alpha Omega Swiss is a true innovator in the Swiss machining industry. Since 1980, we’ve continually pushed our company to expand its capabilities and enhance its facilities. We’ve become a leader in Swiss screw machining worldwide because of our utmost dedication to our customers. We are proud to be recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of Swiss machined products to well-known Fortune 500 companies.

The term Swiss machining itself indicates a process for machining exceptionally intricate parts. Taking its name from the famously precise Swiss watch-making techniques, Swiss machining is a process necessary for the tightest tolerances as is needed in precision medical machining. In the medical industry, life-sustaining devices are often exceedingly minute, which challenges traditional machining techniques. Swiss machining and micromachining enables the development of intricate medical components with accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Alpha Omega Swiss excels in Swiss machining. As our company name suggests, Swiss machining is a prominent part of our business and reputation. We take pride in our experience and dedication to providing quality Swiss machining services and screw machine products for the medical, dental, aerospace and other technologically advanced industries. We closely follow Swiss machining developments in techniques and equipment. Alpha Omega Swiss is confident in its position as a Swiss machining expert, particularly through our innovative precision medical machining techniques.

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