Precision CNC Machining

Precision machining is essential to modern industries that require parts with tight tolerances. The assemblies used in many industries contain intricate parts produced through precision machining. The medical and electronic industries rely on the expertise of companies such as Alpha Omega Swiss to produce minute parts and standoffs for life-supporting devices and other electronic components. Machining parts with such high precision requires both experience and advanced technology and equipment. Alpha Omega Swiss has qualified and dedicated precision medical machining experts. We also work from a jobshop equipped with technologically advanced machines for CNC precision machining of medical componentsdental components and other parts for highly complex industries.

Alpha Omega Swiss provides precision machining as well as precision CNC machining. Our precision machining services are executed according to the highest standards utilizing our highly specialized equipment. Our machining experts consult with clients to completely understand the part or component specifications. We follow CAD and CAM specifications in order to produce one-of-a-kind parts for a variety of client needs. Our precision machining engineers monitor each step of part production for accuracy.

For projects requiring even higher tolerances, Alpha Omega Swiss specializes in precision CNC machining. Our Computer Numerical, or CNC, machining services offer highly controlled and tight tolerances. Computer-controlled machines operate lathes, mills, grinders and routers to create a variety of parts. The advantage of our precision CNC machining services is the ability to create large volumes of intricate parts with the same accurate result throughout production. Our CNC experts utilize CAD and CAM drawings to code our machines to create a highly repeatable machining process. We rigorously test our machines to ensure an intact final product.

Our precision medical machining and precision CNC machining services can be utilized on a variety of metals and plastics including titanium. We confidently provide precision machining services to some of the world’s most complex industries such as the medical and dental industries.

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