Stainless Steel Machining

Fabricating stainless steel parts is an area of specialization for Alpha Omega Swiss. We employ the various techniques of Swiss machining and screw machining for stainless steel parts and assemblies in any shape to any tolerance. We have the staff and advanced equipment to accommodate any stainless steel design need. Bring us your existing part design or simply an idea and our fabrication engineers will help fabricate a prototype.

We machine an impressive variety of stainless steel parts for industries such as medical, dental, aerospace and military. Our stainless steel jobshop can accommodate both short and long run production lines of your parts. Our state of the art precision medical machining techniques are enhanced with up to date machines made specifically for stainless steel parts at the tightest tolerances for the medical industry.

Stainless steel has many advantages making it a preferred material for precision medical machining and Swiss machining. It is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, ideal for industries like military and aerospace, all of which require strength and dependability. Alpha Omega Swiss has access to high quality stainless steel for your parts. If a specific stainless steel variety is required, we accommodate a variety of material requests.

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Material Types

copper steel inserts

Materials machined by Alpha Omega Swiss include:

  • S-7 tool steel
  • A-286
  • 17-4
  • 17-7 Steel
  • Kovar
  • Maraging 350