Aluminum Machining

Precision machined parts and assemblies from aluminum are a common and cost-effective choice. Aluminum is a soft, affordable material that is light and is corrosion-resistant. Precision machined parts made of aluminum are both lightweight yet strong which is ideal for many high-tech industries such as the medical, aerospace and electrical industries.

Special Swiss screw machining techniques and equipment should be utilized in aluminum machining, to achieve maximum accuracy. Alpha Omega Swiss has been providing aluminum machining services for over 30 years, and understands the specific methods for the best precision CNC machining. We also maintain our machining jobshop with fully updated equipment that can properly machine aluminum materials.

The type of machining processes that can be used in forming aluminum include CNC turningCNC milling, as well as Swiss screw machining. Depending on the tolerance required, the part application and the production size, Alpha Omega Swiss will work with you to determine the correct machining technique for your assembly.

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Whether you need a durable but lightweight part for a military application, or you need an intricate aluminum part for a medical device, we can accommodate your challenge. Contact Us or Request a Quote today about your precision CNC machining part needed.

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Material Types

copper steel inserts

Materials machined by Alpha Omega Swiss include:

  • S-7 tool steel
  • A-286
  • 17-4
  • 17-7 Steel
  • Kovar
  • Maraging 350